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 Rules of the Phalanx

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Rules.  Here at Team Phalanx Gaming we hate rules.  The Founders particularly find rules are for those that do not belong here, but can hide amongst the barriers of the rules and for leaders to oppress it's people.  We are free men.  We live free.  For that one of our sayings is "Live a freeman's life or die trying."  With that being said, if the Founders are found to force a rule, the issue that is causing the rule must be removed.  Literately the only "rules" we have is no hacking and you must be on Teamspeak while playing. Below are expectations that the Founders request you follow.    

~~ Expectations: ~~~

1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

2. Have a positive impact on all members

3. No babysitting. You are an adult and should behave like one.

4. Always aid and help each other with play style goals. In other words, help each other get better.

5. Respect yourself. What you type in-game is a reflection of the whole clan and not you.

6. Bring new ideas to our table. We cannot grow without you.

7. Love being part of the Phalanx.
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Rules of the Phalanx
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