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 Rite of Passage ( RoP )

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Rite of Passage ( RoP )  Empty
PostSubject: Rite of Passage ( RoP )    Rite of Passage ( RoP )  EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 7:39 pm

The Rite of Passage are 3 challenges you must pass before you are accepted to become a comp-player or Lacedaemonian.

Hunting = You must get OmegaViper's dog-tags in an animation kills, no melees will count or reversals / counters. Must be in a 20+ man sever of your choice. You may have a spotter and OmegaViper may have a bodyguard.

Frugality = You must spawn / start with a kit that does not have the ability to kill a tank.  Your target is an enemy tank. Must be in a 20+ man sever of your choice. Think.  You may have a guard.  You may not use stationary's  or other vehicles.  Think fugal....or thrifty.

Sacrifice = Being a meat shield and showing selfless acts. You must revive or repair one whole round in a 20+ man server without a kill.

There is a vote amongst the members that allows them to have a voice to test your wits.  These members must be part of the RoP, or default on their vote.  
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Rite of Passage ( RoP )
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